Friday, September 3, 2010

Everybody today is Turning On!

Ok so it's been a while since I posted, so I thought that I would put in my two cents here as to how the rehearsals are going. SO far in the rehearsal process, things seem to be zooming past. It seems like we just started rehearsals and bam, we are almost done blocking. It is nice to be working in a cast with only 7 people in the cast, I love these small intimate shows, but you just have to pray that no one gets sick during rehearsal, because it is hard to rehearse most of these scenes with some people gont. Last night we just sang through some of the music because we were missing three of the cast members.

OK I thought Wild Party was a very wordy show, but I think this one is too. Harmony is definately easier in I love My Wife compared to Wild Party, but it's all these damn words, and then all this Miller-ography. OH my gosh Scott never choreograph while stoned again. "It worked when I was stoned" Hmmmmm....I wonder why? That is another thing with this show I have to pretend to be stoned. Honestly, I have never been stoned in my life. I lived with a stoner for two years, but never smoked it first hand. Maybe I was high on the second hand smoke, but I don't remember, that was too many years ago, I guess I'll have to work on this.

Well, I shall write more later.

Get moving~

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