Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ready for rehearsal #3

OK so we have had, or I should say I have had, two rehearsals. I missed the choreography one on Sunday. We have gone through a couple of easy songs, and also a couple of complicated songs, but once we work our way through them they aren't that bad. yeah we are having a couple of problems finding our starting pitches here and there, but it is only the third rehearsal. I am anxious to see what is on tap for tonight.

I am having so much fun with this show. I am so glad I got the guts up to audition for it. Before auditions I thought that there was nothing for me in the show after looking at the cast descriptions, but I was just looking at the two male leads, never looking at the secondary characters. I should have learned after doing High Fidelity, and having one the smallest parts, and having the time of my life there are no small parts, or unimportant parts in any show.

After reading Scott's blog he talked about Attempting the Absurd which was the second show that New Line did, and Scott wrote it. It is an amazing show, and Scott has hinted at bringing it back but to no fruition. Well thinking about Absurd, again I had one of the smallest parts in that one too, the Judge/Playwright, and I remember how exciting is was to do something with a group that wasn't "community theatre". I remember that when we were rehearsing that show it was still a work in progress. About a week before we opened Scott wasn't happy with the scene I was in as the Playwright I believe, and he rewrote it. I have to admit I freaked a little bit, but what a rush.

I really have been reflecting on past theatrical endeavors the past couple of weeks. There was just a production of the music of Chris Jackson, and I work with Chris on a couple of shows, and played in the pit of a show that he wrote, Runaround. I hope that concert went well. Yesterday was the birthday of one of my friends that passed away a little over four years ago, or was it five, I lose track. I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for Mark. He pushed me when we worked together, pushed me to direct, and musically direct, and I was inspired by him the way he performed on stage. What a loss to the theatre community with the loss of these two. On Saturday I also reminisced with friends about Bret Lassiter from the Goldenrod showboat, and how we were all affected by him. THank you guys.

OK so I have been blabbing enough. Back to listening to the music of Wild Party and trying to memorize these lyrics.

Hope you are having a Wild party!


Monday, February 22, 2010

OK so I need to remember to add to this blog.....

Ok so last Thursday was our first rehearsal for Wild Party. Let me just say.....LOVE IT! This music is challenging, and fun, the cast sounds great, and what a show. I have tried to skim through the script and, as any actors do, see how many lines I have. TO my suprise there aren't many spoken lines at all. So that means we have a BUNCH of music to learn. And half of the music isn't on the CD. I know we shouldn't lear our music that way, but I am in the car so much, that is the best time for me to review things. I do have a recorder, but of course for the first rehearsal I forgot it. Then I must be getting old, and getting early alzheimers, cause I cannot read to save my life. We sang through on section of the music many times, and I kept singing the wrong word each time, and each time I would look at the word, and tell myself that isn't what I sang, and then get frustrated, and about after the 5th or 6th time, and after Zak laughing at me repeatedly, I finally sang the right word.

I do have to mention after coming off of a sort of musical high from rehearsal it sort of all got dashed to pieces after rehearsal when I just wanted to get a soda to drink on the way home. So I stopped at McDonalds, and thought it would just be a quick drive through. WRONG. There were quite a few cars in line, and it was moving at a good pace, so right after I paid, and I am the next person in line to get my drink there was a car who had been waiting for their food by the door, and I see his reverse lights come on, and I was almozt to the window, just close enought but still couldn't reach the window. Well I couldn't go back because there was a line behind me, so I get to hear the whole dilemma that this jerk had, because he had been waiting for his food, and he really made an A$$ of himself. He kept telling the manager how he was going to get him fired, and how he has done it at other McDonalds.....well that argument lasted at least 10 minutes, and the driver pulls away and is still yelling at the manager from Hampton, and the Manager is still yelling back at them.

I just wanted to get home, and in bed, so I could get a good night sleep. Well that won't ruin anymore rehearsals, because it is in the past......I can't wait until the next rehearsal. Will write more after that one.

Phil out!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ok so here we go!

So here we go again. I am so ready for Wild Party to start rehearsals, and here we are already just a week away. So soon I will start posting again for this show. High Fidelity was a blast and I think this show is going to match that one.

So kleptoboy out!