Tuesday, September 28, 2010


OK so we had a wonderful weekend getting ready for our show. We had our cue-to-cue for the light designer on Saturday, and that could not have gone smoother. We started at 1:00 and we were out of there by 3:30, so some of us mosied on down to Karen's Pizzeria, a place I had never been and had some great pizza, and wonderful socializing with most of the cast. Then on sunday we had our Sitzprobe, in which the cast sings through the show with the orchestra for the first time. It was wonderful! The orchestra of 5 is amazing. THey came in there and knew there stuff, besides a couple of tempo issues, very few, we breezed right through the score.

Then came last night, our first run through with costumes and lights. Well the lights looked great from what I could see of them. Then we get to the costumes. We really won't get into that, because then I just get tense, and I can't get tense anymore this week. Needless to say most of us didn't have costumes last night. Luckily the only costumes I am in are coveralls and a santa suit. But then we are also to do a very tricky number on roller skates. Guess what no roller skates either. That is what makes me a little nervous, I mean this fat ass hasn't gotten up on roller skates in YEARS! Plus not to have them until tech week? Oh my gosh.

All in all though some wonderful things happened last night. I thought the three guys in the "chorus" we really nailed most of our songs. More lyrics were sung correctly, and we just started having fun onstage. The hard part of the show for me, Troy and Zak, is that originally our characters were the musicians in the band, so they would play the whole show, and sing a little. I don't know how these guys sang these songs, with these lyrics and played instruments at the same time. But there is no time to develop our characters that we have started to create, but I think it is starting to come along. I am just out there having as much fun as I can.....DAMMIT!!!!

So I hope you all come to see our show.



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Holy Jeez!

I can't believe we go into hell week next week! This weekend is Cue-to-Cue for the lights and then Sunday is our sitzprobe, where we sit down and sing with the pit orch. I can sure tell I am getting older in this show. First of all I am the oldest cast member, so that makes me feel super old, and as I have talked about before I can't remember these freaking lyrics. With this show especially it is driving me crazy, cause since there are only 7 of us in the show, I feel like I am letting everyone down, because I don't know the lyrics.

I just read Scotts blog, and he seems very happy with the show so far, being about 70% there. I don't feel quite that good, but maybe it doesn't show onstage. Monday after rehearsal Scott sent out an e-mail to me, troy and Zak about our three charaters, the three Greek chorus boys. We do have names, but we are really only in the first seen where we get introduced, and then the rest of the show we just "appear", so it is hard to come up with a character with that. Scott gave us some amazing ideas, and last night we sort of played with them. Being the first night we were adding things to our characters it was a little awkward, but I think it will get there, and will be funny.

Now for my last worry, the freaking roller skates. Yes, Roller skates. My fat ass on some skates, at least I'll have some padding if I fall. Tohmmy ordered some skates three months ago and they first came in in children's sizes, and then he just kept getting the run around, so now he is trying to rent some from some local skating rinks.

This show is turning into a truely great show, and I hope all of you come out to see it.

Talk to you soon


Friday, September 3, 2010

Everybody today is Turning On!

Ok so it's been a while since I posted, so I thought that I would put in my two cents here as to how the rehearsals are going. SO far in the rehearsal process, things seem to be zooming past. It seems like we just started rehearsals and bam, we are almost done blocking. It is nice to be working in a cast with only 7 people in the cast, I love these small intimate shows, but you just have to pray that no one gets sick during rehearsal, because it is hard to rehearse most of these scenes with some people gont. Last night we just sang through some of the music because we were missing three of the cast members.

OK I thought Wild Party was a very wordy show, but I think this one is too. Harmony is definately easier in I love My Wife compared to Wild Party, but it's all these damn words, and then all this Miller-ography. OH my gosh Scott never choreograph while stoned again. "It worked when I was stoned" Hmmmmm....I wonder why? That is another thing with this show I have to pretend to be stoned. Honestly, I have never been stoned in my life. I lived with a stoner for two years, but never smoked it first hand. Maybe I was high on the second hand smoke, but I don't remember, that was too many years ago, I guess I'll have to work on this.

Well, I shall write more later.

Get moving~