Saturday, October 16, 2010

Man, she's something else!

OK I can't believe we are down to our last four performances. We had a lot of New Line Family there last night, New Liners that have done shows with us in the past, and it was a great audience. I also had some fellow community theatre friends there, and they are also great laughers and helped keep the show flowing by keeping the laughing up.

This continues to be a great experience. Scott was telling me the other day that during one of the last couple of shows he leaned over to Alison and said "Would you ever thought Joel would be such a great part of not only one comedy team, but two comedy tems in the last couple of shows?" and Alison replied"Nope, and I don't think Joel did either". That is true, I never thought I was that funny. I remember during the Wild Party Blog I gave praises to Mike Dowdy who is amazing to work with, and this show I am having a blast working with Troy. Troy and I have been friends for a long time, and this is the first time we have really had to act opposite each other and it is very comfortable. I know I stressed him out when I didn't know the lyrics for the longest time, and now we have a ritual of going through each song in the dressing rooms before we go out to sing it. I know I give him crap about cinching his coveralls, and spraying his hair EVERY time we go off stage it is great working with him.

This whole cast is great working with. If you haven't seen the show, like I said you only have tonight and next weekend to see it. Then THis mop of a hairstyle is coming off. I can't wait to get a hair cut.

Til next time.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Holy Jeez!

I can't believe that we are already getting ready to start our second week of performances. Last weekend went pretty well. Preview and Saturday night were pretty low key, but Saturday nights sudience was off the wall. They were laughing at everything. The reviews have been coming in and for the most part they like us, they really like us. Except for a few negative comments about our wigs, but hey do you really remember the 70's? Most of the women had frosted blonde hair, and bowl cuts. Oh well to each their own. Even us boys of the "Greek Chorus" have gotten mentioned in most of the reviews, and I actually got some praise for my performance in "Everybody Today is Turning on", in which I just laugh through the whole song, being that I have never been high (yes, I know it is hard to believe), it has been hard for me to figure out what to do during the song. One night I messed up and just started laughing, and Scott said it was hilarious and to keep it, so I did.
Tomorrow we start it all over again only this time we go with out not rehearsing or seeing each other for three days. I started going through the lyrics again last night, just to make sure I rememered them all, cause that is the hardest part of this show.

Well time to get back to work......

See you in the 70's


Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Four of them are pairing up and having a threesome

OK so we had our preview night on Thursday. Not too exciting, if you are judging from the audiences reactions. It took them a while to start appreciating our work and reward us with claps. That night it felt more like a final dress than it did a preview night, but it was a good warm up to what we got on last night for an audience. WHAT A GREAT AUDIENCE. They laughed, and we got the rerassurance that this show really is funny.
AND we got most of the lyrics right. If people messed up it wasn't noticeable.

Thecostume fiasco is all taken care of and Todd did a great job with the set. The band sounded great, and they sound like they are having good time. The only thing we can do is get better and better. I am just exhausted. didn't get much sleep last nightand then left for work this mornng.

Well so our first weekend is almost finished.

I hope you all come to see the show.

Joel a.k.a. Stanley