Saturday, July 5, 2008

TUrn the World Off....

I can't believe it that the day has come. We are getting ready to performa our last show of High Fidelity. I had no idea that when I agreed to do this show, that I would actually have gotten this hooked on the show, and I feel like I will actually miss it. I am sure I have written about feeling like I have come full circle with New Line, starting with Attempting the Absurd and original unproduced show, and now being the first group outside of NYC to do High Fidelity. Granted it wasn't an un produced piece, but we made it our own, and it is good. Thank GOd I didn't have to get a mohawk. Thank you Scott for getting me out of that one. I am getting used to the green hair, although when I take the greaan out each night I feel like there is more white underneath.

I love how this cast has made the show their own. It is a majority Jeff's show, but we are all there to support him, and Todd as Bruce Springsteen, and Aaron and Zack as Dick and Barry, Margeau as Marie, Nikki as Liz, Kimi as Laura, and Robb making a wacky Ian. And the rest of us that support each of those characters somehow.

I guess I will put out there my top moments that I love to watch during the show. In no particular order.

1) Todd as Bruce, man he really got it down.....even though we can't watch it we can feel the energy. Kudos

2) Number 5 with a bullet.....again kudos to Kimi and the girls and Robb, as with Todd us guys can't see it but it is fun to feel the energy.

3) My favorite part personally is when the guys, during 9% Chance sing "Isn't Dead" and slide up to the new chord. I feel like we hit that every night and we nail it. LOVE IT!

4) The looks between Margeau and Lori during Ready to Settle....

and 5) Jeff you rock on Laura, Laura...I love that song, and you are so into it everynight.

Scott I love watching you direct, and you are amazing at what you do, I hope I can do more shows with you guys, and learn even more. Trish, you ROCK! I have never met a stage manager that cared so much for her cast, and you made my hair what it is today......The BAND! You guys rock the crap out of this score. Even fill in people, damn you guys are good. I may write more, but tonight after the show will be late, and then tomorrow I will be working, and trying to stay awake. Thank you if you came to see this amazing show, and Klepto boy signing out!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

It is hard to believe......

Wow it is hard to believe that this is the last weekend of High Fidelity. Not like I knew it was going to stop soon, but soon turned into this weekend. I am so glad that I was considered for this part. It was sort of a coming home party for the last couple of months. I found my programs and reviews the other day for the first show that I did with New Line, Attempting the Absurd. Man did I have fun with that one too. It sort of felt the same way as High Fidelity felt. Scott wrote Attempting the Absurd, and how I love to help mold a piece from the beginning. I can still remember Scott not liking how the scene in the courtroom was working in Absurd, and changed the lines a couple of days before we opened, I was petrified, but sort of excted to be challenged like that. I felt the same way of being challenged with High Fidelity. Being in this show is not like being in your typical musical. This is a type of music that I don't listen to anymore. I do, but not constantly, and know every lyric, and guitar riff. I know musicals, I have been doing them forever, and they are always in my car, because either I am listening to a song to block it while I am driving or I am learning music and dialogue. JUst to look back on this experience and just think wow, we were the first ones to bring this piece to life after it got canned on Broadway. Every night Scott ends his pep talk with "truth" make the characters true, and I am taking that with me now even more than when I would do shows before. The truer you make your character the more believable it will be. Hell I don't even know when I will be back on stage. It took me two and a half years for me to get to do this show. And what an experience it was to have the lyricist at our show, and give the leads such great compliments. Kudos to all the leads in this show, and what a great chorus we have too. Always jumping in to help whenever they can.
Well if you haven't come to see the show you may be out of luck, tonight and Saturday are pretty much sold out, and there are still tickets to tomorrows performance. And if you bring in the postcard you can get in with two for one. Hope you make it if you haven't all ready.

Klepto boy signing out!