Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Don't know if this is working yet

Yeah, so I haven't gotten hooked up to the Blog page on the New Line Theatre Website, but I am going to continue to write in my own little world.
Yeah last night we had a rehearsal/read-thru of the show with the whole cast. Wow what a great group of people. I used to think I was talented, but the line delivery and timing of lines, just blew me away. Luckily I won't make too much of a fool of myself since I only have like 6 spoken lines in the whole play. Then again I gotta save my voice for the singing aspect of the show. I realized last night I have to be careful with my voice. While teaching yesterday, something I am not to pleased with at the moment, I had to rasie my voice several times with the 7th grade class, and sometimes to the 8th grade class, and I lost my voice. Well I didn't lose my voice, I just lost the ability to control it , so singing the high A and Ab's were a little difficult last night, I still have a sore throat today, dang it.
I guess that most of the cast went out last night after rehearsal for dinner, but I feel bad that I am not doing things with the cast, but I live in Wentzville at the moment, something I hope to remedy soon, but finding an apartment closer to work, now that I have a real job, with real money, and insurance, god I love that word. SO if anyoe knows of a cheap decent sized apartment, let me know. I gotta a lot of junk, after living in my house for three years, I collected a lot of stuff I didn't need.
Well I should get back to work, it is getting late, and I really haven't done anything yet.

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Klepto boy

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Klepto-boy lives!

Ok this is my first attempt at a blog, and I'll probably suck at it too, but I just thought that I would give it a try. I am sure you are wondering what the title of my blog means, "Klepto-boy lives"? Well last night at rehearsal in one of the lines that Barry has that describes my character he calls me a Klepto-boy, and that name just stuck with me, so Klepto Boy was born. When I continued on reading the dialogue that Barry had about TMPMITW (try typing that 10 times fast, let alone say it 10 times fast) he describes him as a 38 year old man that lives with his parents.....well that is closer to my description in real life, but I like Klepto-boy!
You have no idea how much fun I am having with this show. It has been a while since I have been onstage, and of course Scott is challenging me by making me sing tenor, something I haven't done in a long time. But I am not complaining. I have been directing and musically directing for so long, I was ready to go back onstage, and in a show that has never been produced except on Broadway, how fun is that.
Years ago I started with New Line and did Attempting the Absurd, written by Mr. Scott Miller himself, and there too, it was a totally new musical with re-writes and everything, I HAD A BLAST! I also did a Sondheim Revue and some sort of auction thing, and I remember singing "I can See it" from Fantasticks with Scott, So mush fun!
Now anyone that I have done shows with before, please don't take this wrong I enjoy doing shows with all of you, but sometimes I just get pigeon holed into one thing, and I need to change, and this was just the change that I needed. Plus I get to do a show with friends I haven't gotten to work with in a long time. Scott of course, and Robb, I don't think we had worked to gether since the Goldenshod Rowboat, Katie, man I have been doing shows with you forever it seems, yet we haven't done that many, Jeff, I have done tons of shows with you too, and it's been a while, Kimi, who I have never done a show with but I have known you forever. Plus these talented actors and actresses that I have never worked with who just blow me away.
NOw the next show New Line needs to do is a lead that is approaching middle age, balding, with a great Baritone belt......Man of No Importance maybe? I know, I know Hair is coming up.....Yeah I can pull off Klepto, Mohawk guy, but not a hippy half my age!
Well I hope to try to keep this up during the rehearsals and the run of the show, I think it is so cool to sort of preserve these memories.