Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Four of them are pairing up and having a threesome

OK so we had our preview night on Thursday. Not too exciting, if you are judging from the audiences reactions. It took them a while to start appreciating our work and reward us with claps. That night it felt more like a final dress than it did a preview night, but it was a good warm up to what we got on last night for an audience. WHAT A GREAT AUDIENCE. They laughed, and we got the rerassurance that this show really is funny.
AND we got most of the lyrics right. If people messed up it wasn't noticeable.

Thecostume fiasco is all taken care of and Todd did a great job with the set. The band sounded great, and they sound like they are having good time. The only thing we can do is get better and better. I am just exhausted. didn't get much sleep last nightand then left for work this mornng.

Well so our first weekend is almost finished.

I hope you all come to see the show.

Joel a.k.a. Stanley

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