Friday, August 20, 2010

A new notch in my New Line History!

Ok so this week we finished our second week of rehearsals for I Love my Wife, in which I am playing Stanley, one of the friends of Alvin and Wally the male leads. Actually the male chorus (all three of us) only had to be there this week, so we finished our first week of rehearsals, while the four leads finished their 2nd week of rehearsals. I have to tell you, this cast seems so small compared to the 14-16 people in the last two shows that New Line has done. We only have 7 people in I Love My Wife. Last night we read and sang through the whole show. Yes we have leared all the music and read through to get a feel for the show, and guess what? Did you guess yet? Well you should have......the show only took like an hour and a half. How great is that. This will be one of the shortest shows I have done in a while.

We have a great cast. Jeff Wright and Todd Schaeffer, are playing the male leads Wally and Alvin, and Emily Berry and Sarah Armstrong are playing Cleo and Monica. And Zac Farmer, Troy Turnipseed and I are the three male chorus. We sort of play the greek chorus, narrator types. If you don't know the show, it is basically about wife swapping. The show is very funny, as we found out last night when we read through all of it. It will be fun to start to bring the show to life with some blocking. Especially the bedroom scene, You will just have to come and see it, to see what I am talking about.

The music isn't really that hard, not like Wild Party and all the funky chords we had to sing, it is just very wordy. I mean Wild Party was Wordy, but this is also and it goes quite fast.

Well the next chapter of my theatrical journey is underway. Check back in to see how it is going!

Later, Joel "Stanley"

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